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For both residential and commercial electrical projects in Fort Myers, our professional electrical company provides reliable, high-quality solutions. Our Fort Myers electrician team focuses on delivering excellent workmanship and outstanding customer service. We can handle electrical upgrades, repairs, and installations while following building codes and safety standards.

Replacing and Upgrading Electrical Panels in Fort Myers Homes

Many older homes in Fort Myers have outdated electrical panels that need replacement. We offer complete electric panel replacement services, safely removing old fuse boxes and installing new circuit breaker panels. Replacing an antiquated panel provides your home with increased electrical capacity to handle additional circuits and appliances. If you plan on selling your home in the future, you’ll find that updating the electrical system adds value. In addition, the home is more attractive to buyers looking for modern convenience.

New panels have safety features like AFCIs that detect electrical arcing before it causes a fire. We ensure full compliance with the National Electrical Code during panel replacements and upgrades. We can add more circuit breaker spaces to homes that need extra room for breakers. These tasks are designed to give homeowners peace of mind; the true cost of a fire is often hard to imagine.

By replacing your old electric panel with a new one, you can increase the capacity of your circuit breaker panel. This will allow your home to handle more electrical usage safely. As a result, you can have peace of mind knowing that your electrical system is capable of meeting your needs.

Brighten Your Home with Energy-efficient LED Lighting Conversions

LED lighting offers major advantages over traditional incandescent and CFL bulbs. LEDs consume far less electricity, produce almost no heat, and last up to 25 times longer than conventional bulbs. We can convert all the lighting in your Fort Myers home or business over to energy-efficient, long-lasting LED fixtures and bulbs. These modern lights are also compatible with dimmer switches.

Our team will replace your outdated lighting with new LED recessed, track, under-cabinet, and accent lighting. We select the best commercial-grade LED modules and components to provide exceptional lighting and reliability. Our LED conversions use smart lighting technology for convenience and energy savings. You can control your new LED lights remotely via smartphone and program them to dim or turn off when not needed.

By converting your existing lighting to LED, we can reduce your lighting electricity usage by 50% or more. And with their extended lifespans, LED bulbs will not need frequent time-consuming replacements. We ensure the new LED lighting provides plenty of bright, natural light optimized for any room. LED lighting is a smart choice for Fort Myers homes and businesses due to its energy savings and low maintenance.

Customized Ductless Mini-Split Installations for Zoned Cooling and Heating

Ductless mini-split systems are great for heating or cooling specific areas in your home without wasting energy. We professionally install compact indoor wall or ceiling units connected to an external condenser/heat pump. Small refrigerant lines join the two components, passing through a tiny opening in your wall. 

We determine the optimal placement for the indoor units based on your zoning needs and interior layout. The discrete wall units blend in with any decor. We handle all electrical work required to safely power the mini-split system. Ductless splits let you control temperatures in occupied rooms, instead of heating or cooling the whole house.

Zoned climate control maximizes comfort and minimizes energy expenses. We will calculate the right size mini-split system for your Fort Myers home. Our HVAC experts will help you select the ideal ductless mini-splits for year-round comfort in your home. They have the knowledge and expertise to guide you in finding the perfect combination. With their assistance, you can ensure that your home remains comfortable throughout the year.

Backup Generator Installation and Maintenance

Power outages occur frequently in the Fort Myers region because of storms and grid disruptions. A standby generator provides essential backup power to keep your home comfortable and safe during extended outages. We offer complete generator installation for homes, including all electrical and fuel line connections. Generators run on natural gas or propane so fuel is readily available. 

We choose the right generator for your home’s power needs from trusted brands like Generac, Kohler, and Cummins Onan. We obtain any required permits and ensure your generator meets all local building codes. Proper generator installation is crucial to provide reliable emergency power when you need it.

We also perform regularly scheduled generator maintenance and repairs. Just like an automobile, generators require periodic service and tune-ups to continue operating at peak performance. Our experts will check, test, fix, and maintain your generator to reduce the chance of it breaking during important power cuts. Regular generator maintenance is essential to avoid breakdowns.

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Contact us now to learn about upgrading your home or business in Fort Myers. We offer modern electrical solutions for panels, lighting, HVAC, backup power, and more. Our team of fully licensed electricians will provide prompt, professional service completed to your complete satisfaction.

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