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While window air conditioners can cost thousands of dollars, ductless mini-splits are much less expensive. In fact, one study found that installing a ductless mini-split can actually lead to lower energy costs over time.

Ductless Mini-Split Systems offer many benefits

There are many benefits of installing ductless mini-split systems in homes and businesses. They offer versatility and ease of installation. You don’t need to drill holes into walls or ceilings; you simply run a small duct through the interior wall to connect the outdoor and indoor units. Once the duct is installed, it can easily accommodate airflow requirements. Because there are no moving parts inside, there are fewer maintenance issues.

The indoor units of these systems are typically mounted on a wall or suspended above a room. As such, they do not require electrical wiring. Most models come with a remote control that allows you to adjust the temperature settings remotely. Some even come with built-in fans that help circulate air throughout the home.

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A ductless mini split system does not require air ducts because it uses multiple air handlers that can each cool different parts of the house individually. This type of unit is often called a “ductless mini-split,” or sometimes just a “mini-split.”

Unlike conventional central air conditioning systems, mini-splits do not use one large compressor to move conditioned air throughout the entire home. Instead, they use several smaller compressors, each of which moves cooled air into a specific area of the home. For example, a single mini-split might include three compressors to provide cooling to three different zones, such as living room, kitchen, and bedroom.

Mini-splits are energy efficient because they don’t rely on a large fan to distribute cold air throughout the house. Instead, they use small fans to blow air across coils inside the air handler. This process causes heat to transfer out of the air and into the coil. When the fan turns off, the coil continues to release heat into the surrounding air, keeping the space cooler.

Because mini-splits are typically less expensive than central air conditioners, they are becoming increasingly popular. 

Mini-splits are compact, easy to install, and require less maintenance than most central AC systems.

Hand adjusting temperature on air conditioner

Benefits of installing a Mini-Split in your Southwest Florida home

Energy efficient

Ductless mini splits are energy efficient due to their ability to provide zoned heating and cooling, their inverter-driven compressor technology, and their lack of energy loss through ductwork.

Zoned cooling

Less power consumption

No ductwork required

Less Expensive

Ductless mini splits are less expensive than regular air conditioning units due to their smaller size, simplified installation process, and lack of ductwork.

Low installation costs

Faster install

Only cool the area you need

Control humidity

Ductless mini splits help with humidity control in humid areas like Southwest Florida by removing moisture from the air, providing zoned cooling, and allowing for better temperature and humidity control.

Remove moisture from the air

Create useable space

Enjoy comfort and keep items safe

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Regain usable space in your Southwest Florida home by letting JTE Electric install a mini-split for you.

Mini-splits provide great flexibility. In some cases, you can use one outdoor unit to cool multiple rooms. For example, you can set up a single outdoor unit to cool both the living area and bedroom in a house. Or you could set up two separate units to cool each of the two bedrooms.

When selecting a model, consider how much space you have available. A larger unit might work better in a smaller space. JTE Electric will help you find the right fit for your needs.

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